Getting Certified-Forestry SFI ATFS (Sustainable Forestry)-ISO PROS #18

Getting Certified & Implementing Forestry SFI ATFS (Sustainable Forestry)

When you decide to follow the standard SFT Inc. has developed and promoted during all these years, you will need to get a certification at the end. After all, it is a company that aims for certifications to make landowners, companies, or people who are involved with forests, be part of their entire system. In this way, they are able to have control over the acres of forest registered that follow the standards as well.

Getting Certified-Forestry SFI ATFS (Sustainable Forestry)-ISO PROS #18

This “control” isn’t referred to as having some kind of power or rights over your land, instead, it is only to register the dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of acres to have the system with all the pertinent and relevant information. Now, why would you get certified in SFI? Many people come to us asking this question right away.

After all, more than a standard it is a system and when you are not familiar with it, it is hard to notice any benefit or relevant aspects to actually invest your time, effort, and money on it. To discuss why you would get certified, we need to dive into a benefit of the certification standard itself: protecting biodiversity and the entire ecosystem. There are individuals, companies, and owners that are trying to find methods to get more advantages of the land they own.

But they completely forget that only by protecting and working on the maintenance and improvement of the forest they can earn a lot. Unfortunately, it isn’t a secret that society right now in 2020 isn’t paying as much attention as needed to green areas and biodiversity. Instead, they only care about getting the forest-based resources they require to cover all their needs.

It is inevitable to have needs from the materials and resources we can obtain from forests and other ecosystems, but we can do something about them to not only protect the entire area but also, have a continuous source of materials. In simpler words, you should get certified if you are trying to protect your land and its health, and want to obtain resources from it responsibly. The SFI aims for public forest areas or spaces that are usually in a lot of deterioration or aren’t been taken care of properly.

Of course, acres of forest that are in good health are also welcomed to continue in that way or even improve their current status. When you contact the organization—which is a non-profit one—, you can get access to all the information you want and get certified. However, you can also contact validated companies near you that can provide you with the certification and guide you through the entire Sustainable Forestry Initiative if you are interested in it.


What happens with ATFS?

It is another organization that promotes taking care of forest areas to guarantee the safety and security of wildlife habitat, species living there and guarantee the regeneration of the resources. However, this one aims for the private area. With private area, it means that families, companies, industries, or anyone who isn’t a public entity, owns acres of forest can get registered in this system and get certified as well.

Every area that isn’t considered public and is usually restricted since it is private property or land, can be part of this certification program. Of course, if we are talking about a forest or green area. Just like SFI, it also covers parts of Canada and the United States, which means you can get certified in this program if you own acres of forest between or in both countries.

The worry of more people that try to go for this, SFI, or both certifications is that Forestry standards are known for being expensive. This is what makes most people refrain themselves from being part of a system and even more, to get certified. However, in both cases—SFI and ATFS—, the organizations have made sure to provide affordable and reasonable certifications to encourage people to go for them and do the right thing for the ecosystem.

When you get certified in the program created for both organizations and their partnership, you are prone or destined to receive resources for activities. Also, consulting, training, and other services that include educating and preparing you to meet every goal of the standards are included. Unlike other standards and programs, in this one, it isn’t only about meeting all the requirements of the document or system but rather start doing it while certificated.

After all, dealing with an entire forest area, which involves hundreds, thousands, or millions of acres of forest, is a lot of work and requires continuous attention. If this is so much work, why would organizations and people invest in it? Because we desperately need to find a balance between the economic needs and the responsible use of forest-based resources.

Therefore, what about going for these options and getting certified? For this, ISO Pros provides all the guidelines, information, and certification you need in order to be part of the system and programs both companies have created and promote every day. We are validated and qualified to help you with the objective of SFI and ATFS.

Don’t hesitate to let us know your goals with the standard as well and ask us any questions you have in mind. Also, it doesn’t matter if you have dozens, hundreds, thousands, or millions of acres of forest.

You can get certified and start doing the right thing despite the amount of land you own or use. In the case of public forest areas, the system encourages public entities and people involved with them to register in the program. In this way, the problems and needs of the forest can be addressed and start implementing corrective actions as soon as possible.

Do you want to get more information, request your certification, or start to understand the standard and program? Feel free to contact us anytime and ask for SFI, ATFS, or the whole Sustainable Forestry Program.