Benefits-Forestry SFI ATFS (Sustainable Forestry)-ISO PROS #18

Benefits of Forestry SFI ATFS (Sustainable Forestry)

Unlike other standards, SFI and the entire ATFS aren’t trying to make landowners and companies with some portion of the forest—or using them—to deal with the requirements by themselves.  After all, following sustainable measures to guarantee the best health of the forest takes a lot of time, effort, and let’s admit it: money.  Therefore, when you look at it financially, it isn’t affordable for most landowners to get certified in these standards if it wasn’t for the efforts of the organizations.

Benefits-Forestry SFI ATFS (Sustainable Forestry)-ISO PROS #18

So, this takes us to the main question here, how do you benefit from being part of both programs and meeting the standard they have established as partners? Or, you can also look at it as being part of each individually if you prefer to focus, for example, on ATFS since you are probably a private owner.

To continue with the benefits of these programs and standards, you must know that other organizations—non-profit and governmental ones—are involved in certain areas of providing sustainable resources. But moving onto the benefits, you need to focus on how all the parameters and regulations improve the health of the forest and even your operations and economic needs with it.

What is the most relevant sustainable forestry benefit?

The most obvious and major benefit is to have a reliable and productive system that allows owners to have proper forest management. To have a good idea or picture of what this means or involves, you can look at your forest as a department in a company. Having a management system means you can address the problems and issues in the department, which is your forest in this case. 

But more than focusing on trees just like most people believe, the entire management is about caring and addressing the problems of the entire ecosystem. This is quite hard when you think about how many acres of the forest an owner or company needs to handle. And how you need to come up with solutions that will not only protect and maintain the current health of the forest but rather improve it. 

Especially if it is sustaining companies with forest-based resources. We are sure it is hard for you to imagine the entire picture in this benefit since people overall don’t look at forests as what they are: a source of materials and elements that needs to be protected. Although we are all aware of this but not quite compromised to do it. 

This question can be answered with some extra interrogatives as well:

  • Are you replacing the trees you use for your projects, businesses, or operations? If not, you need to start doing it.
  • How is the source of water? Has the stream decreased over the years or do you notice it emptier? You can’t allow this to continue happening.
  • What species are at risk due to your forest-based resources needs? Are you providing the right measures to protect them and the rest?
  • Is the quality of the resources the same as before? Is it better or worse?

These are questions you will ask yourself quite often and that need continuous solutions and corrective actions.  After all, you are doing on this for the sake of the forest and every part of its ecosystem.


Is there another main benefit?

Moving to another benefit, you will be able to guarantee the ability for future generations to meet their needs with the same area, or acres of the forest you own and use. If all people would invest time in knowing about this and taking the necessary actions through SFI and ATFS, we wouldn’t have to struggle so much with the condition and health of our forests and other ecosystems. We could easily meet our needs without compromising their health, and this is exactly what you achieve when getting certified and following the SFI standard and all the parameters of ATFS. 

Also, implementing the guidelines and requirements in the standard leads your company or operations in one direction: improving resource utilization, especially wood. In this way, you can get the best out of the materials and resources you are obtaining from the forest, and you won’t have to worry about running out of them. This benefit—and at the same time, goal—improves the productivity of your company and processes since you are boosting your performance. 

When you look at it in this way, you will notice that this one in particular comes with more benefits for your business due to the simple but crucial improvement it brings to your operations. Also, this productivity will provide you with more products and will reduce the amount of land that needs to be devoted to you to produce more timber. Slowly but surely, you start making changes, and as extra or even crucial benefits, you can consider the ones that come from protecting and taking care of your lands. 

Such as cleaner air, conservation of soil, enhancing wildlife habitat conditions and quality, protecting resources like water and therefore, its quality as well, among many other ones you might be familiar with. If you just grew interested in devoting yourself to this standard and systems, you can contact us. At ISO Pros, we are a validated company that works with SFI and ATFS individually and with the partnership, they have formed. 

Therefore, we can help you to understand everything they involve and besides the benefits, what do they imply, and if there is a way for you to be affected. Also, we will make sure to get you certified and provide support during the process. Unlike other companies or direct organizations related to these standards, we worry about their goals and objectives due to our personal interest in doing the right thing. 

Allow us to explain to you further about not only the benefits but every positive change you will experience from now on with both programs. You can contact us without feeling compromised in something.