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When it comes to these organizations, most people decide to get certified by reaching out to them directly. This is an amazing idea if you live near their headquarters or right in the base city. However, what happens when you can contact them but get certified is quite difficult due to the distance? 

You might be wondering why would this be a problem if the program and certification standard is supposed to cover Canada and the United States, and you are right, there should not be a problem. This is why there are several validated companies around both countries that can get you certified and also, provide support, assistance, and consulting services to deliver the entire experience. 

After all, obtaining SFI certification or ATFS one—both of them if you follow the partnership—isn’t only about following a document with the entire standard. Instead, the certification involves the need of providing resources to meet certain activities, requirements, parameters, and goals of the program. 

So, in simpler words, you will get certified but be more part of a system than anything else. This is why it is relevant to find a reliable, qualified, and validated company near you and your acres of forest, to get familiar with the SFI and ATFS certification. 

At ISO Pros, we are always available to help you with this new goal of yours, which we encourage 100% so more people can join to protect the forests all over both countries. We will help you with all the process and research by:

  • Providing consulting services.
  • Giving you training in the standard and program.
  • Help you to understand the main and secondary goals of the system.
  • Tell you about the benefits and how you are not only doing the right thing but allowing your forest health to improve as well.
  • Provide you with all the resources for activities established in the program.
  • Get you the seal of approval you have earned by being part of this positive change and purpose.

When was the last update of SFI?

There is a lot to do when it comes to Sustainable Forestry, and we are sure that a few questions are short for the ones you have in your mind. Don’t worry, you can contact us without having to request a certification right away and instead, you can take your time to let us know your doubts and inquiry anything.

Our experts and experienced professionals will be answering and clearing every question and doubt to make sure you make an informed decision. However, we assure you that going for this certification isn’t a mistake in any possible way.

And either if you are a public organization, company, or a particular with dozens or hundreds of acres of forest, you can be part of the positive change. Just make sure to call us by using the phone number available on our website, or feel free to send a message using our contact form. 

We will reply in no time and let you know your options with this program.